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Wheels Powder Coating Near You

Powder coating is one of the best and effective ways to protect your wheels and maintain its vibrancy and shining as new. It is the process by which you apply dry powder to your wheel. This powder is preserved under heat, blends with the wheel as a protective agent. And save the wheel from all the external forces that can get it damaged.

It is a preferred coating and finishing option for wheels providing stronger, long-lasting and more durable finishes than the conventional spray painting. Powder coating provides greater durability, impact resistance and enhanced wear characteristics compared to other finishing options.

At Mario's Wheel Repairs, we don't just paint the face of the wheel - we also do the powder coating, both the internal and the external part, just like the original factory process.

Using state of the art technology, we can increase the lifespan of your alloy wheels. We can handle anything from little scratches to main cracks. Whether you need a powder coating, a change of color or a full refurbishment, you can definitely count on us. Through our skilled and well-trained staff, we shall provide you with a professional hassle-free and cost-effective service to restore your wheels back to their formal glory.

Mario's Wheel Repairs can loan you wheels (free of charge), while you drop your wheels and we work on them. Please give us a call to find out availability of the loan wheels, as the quantity is limited.


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