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Wheel Refurbs near you

Nothing brings down the performance or functionality of a tire like a bent wheel which is always caused by potholes, raised manhole covers or curbs. In such cases, it pronounces itself by causing the vehicle to vibrate right and left and making unexpected sounds. However, having bent wheels does not mean you need to buy a brand new rim. Bring it to us at Mario’s Wheel Repairs, and we shall get it straightened and make it look like a new one.

If you leave a bent wheel unattended, the chances that the wheel will suffer from further damage is high. It can reduce gas mileage and increase the wear and tear of the tire. It can increase the chances of a blowout which can cause you to spend more money on a new tire. To avoid all these damages, contact us now.

At Mario’s Wheel Repairs, we are well-equipped to handle such issues with our state-of-the-art-technology, maintained and operated by experienced technical specialists that are always ready to take your bent or broken wheels and restore them to normal to extend their lifespan and also save you some dollars by just repairing instead of buying or replacing your rims.

We take great pride in the services we offer. Our main goal is alloy wheels performance and quality. We have a straightening machine to get your wheels to factory specifications.

We guarantee your wheels will regain the same shape as they’ve been beforehand.

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